The world’s first hybrid rallyist…

Top Gear Prius Rally

…er, that would be me. And my good mate Tim Bampton. If you google either of us, it’s more than likely that this is what you’ll find first – our assault on the 2002 Midnight Sun to Red Sea Marathon Rally, in a works-prepared Toyota Prius. It was a genuine world first. Seriously, no one had ever thought to race a hybrid before us. And, whilst it was pretty slow going at times, we finished the event (not last!) and I wrote about it for, amongst others, Top Gear and The Daily Telegraph. We also blogged daily – before it was even called blogging – produced web video and an hour-long documentary and were even tracked live by satellite. So I’d better put this in all three of my categories: car stuff, tech stuff and travel stuff! Want to read a bit about it – then click here: TG Rally Story

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